Amazon Smile

Even a smile is charity… With the Amazon Smile program, you can make our teachers and children smile with additional funding for educational tools, field trips, and books for the classroom.

Since we are all shopping on Amazon anyway, registering with Amazon Smile is a great way for 0.5% of the price of all your purchases to be donated to MSE.

Simply go to, log in using your Amazon email address and password, and select The Eagle Institute in McKinney, TX, as your 501(c)3 organization you wish to donate to. Thereafter, whenever you wish to purchase anything from Amazon, just go to and The Eagle Institute will be selected as your organization.

NOTE: If you go to, the donations will not apply, so make sure to go to you go to, you may be reminded to go to sometimes, but not always. The best way to always remember to go to is to bookmark the site.

MSE has received a total of $679.60 from Amazon Smile as of March 8, 2021.