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Middle School

Middle School

Introducing the Montessori School of Excellence Middle School

At the Montessori School of Excellence, the Islamic Montessori middle school curriculum we have established is unique and a product of curriculum development by a dedicated team that includes experienced teachers in the Montessori method, traditional method, and Islamic studies. This is to ensure that the children are surpassing all standards, inshaAllah. ​Through incorporating traditional and Montessori methods, our teachers will not only provide academic achievement for our students but will also strengthen the students’ confidence, consciousness, and self-awareness; will help the child perform useful and productive work; and will assist the child in the exploration of new roles and abilities as they become an adult.


Due to the highly dedicated and individualized teaching style that our school requires, our class size is limited to 8 students. Therefore, we have a very limited number of positions left in the classroom. Please call our administrator, Sister Asma, at 214-491-6090, or email us at for enrollment or for more information regarding our middle school program.


Due to the current circumstances due to COVID-19, we will be setting up an online learning platform. Our virtual classroom creates a balanced learning environment and learning that capitalizes on the best online medium. Our online program will offer structured learning and flexibility.


Grade Requirements

English Language Arts — 1 unit
Mathematics/Geometry — 1 unit
History — 1 unit
Islamic Studies — 1 unit
Science — 1 unit
Physical Education/Health — 1 unit
Quran — 1 unit
Arabic — 1 unit
Elective — 1 unit

TOTAL: 9 units


English Language Arts Literature, Grammar, and Composition  . Literature, Grammar, and Composition
Math Algebra 1/Geometry HS Geometry
History Texas History U.S. History 1
Science Interactive Science Biology
Physical Education/Health   Physical Education/Health 7 Physical Education/Health 8


MSE middle school students will take up to nine courses at a time. Every class will meet during their designated work cycles. School days will be divided into two sets of block periods “A” days and “B” days.

Weekdays other than Friday

Periods Mon/Wed Tues/Thurs

Morning Work Cycle

    Opening (8:30-8:45am)     

8:45-10:15am Science Math
2  10:20am-11:50am History ELA Writing
11:55-12:55 pm Lunch Lunch/Flex Lunch/Flex

Afternoon Work Cycle

Closing (3:35-3:45pm)

1:00-1:55pm Arabic/Quran Arabic/Quran
4  2:00pm-3:30pm Computer Programming Health Islamic Studies

Friday Schedule

8:30-10:30am Quarterly Projects
10:30-12:30am  . Occupations/Business Design
12:30-2:30pm Lunch/Jummah
2:30-3:35pm Islamic Studies


Our Islamic Education program will focus on Islamic Studies, Islamic History, Seerah, Beliefs, Fiqh, and Akhlaq. We will guide the students through the Seerah and integrate Quran and Tafsir within the context of revelation. Fiqh will be taught throughout the different subjects.


Our Arabic education program will be focusing on reading comprehension, writing, speaking, listening, and grammar. We will be using Bayyinah Arabic Curriculum and Al Afaq curriculum.


Our Qur’anic studies program emphasizes memorization with tafseer (explanations) so our students gain a higher appreciation of the words of Allah. Teachers spend a great deal of time explaining and showing the concepts and values from the surahs (chapters) they teach while guiding each child to memorize at his or her own pace. The program begins with short surahs and progresses to longer ones.


As part of the Maria Montessori adolescent model, students in the adolescent age groups have a strong desire to be useful to their community and greater society. Students at this age also have a strong desire to exert economic independence and to contribute to production and exchange. In order to nurture these development needs, our Montessori middle school curriculum will integrate hands-on, authentic and purposeful occupations and business designs. Students will take on adult-like roles, fostering real-world connections. This time will also be used to expose our students to career opportunities and entrepreneurial success stories by inviting guest speakers in various specialties.


Our students will be offered one elective per semester. The two electives being offered this year are Computer Programming and Art.


Grade 7: Students will start to examine and explore college/career goals and objectives.

Grade 8: Students will continue to explore and investigate college and career information, leading pathways to high school. They will become aware of the high school graduation plans and community college dual-accreditation programs.


For this year, due to the difficulties many are facing with COVID-19 as well as interest from families who are not able to attend a traditional school this year, we are offering partial enrollment at a partial price. Please call for more details.


Please call our office at 214-491-6090 for tuition pricing and payment structures for your child.