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Phone: (214) 491-6090
7701-B West Virginia Pkwy

McKinney, TX

Mirna Nakib

Miss Mirna is a Quran & Arabic teacher at the Montessori School of Excellence.  She also currently teaches the Bayyinah in-school program at MSE. She has been working at MSE since the 2014-2015 school year.

Islamic education is infused through the academic lessons at MSE. We also employ breakaway sessions for students to learn the specific topics of Arabic, Quranic recitation, and Quran studies, by specially qualified teachers, to augment our children’s Islamic education.

Miss Mirna is one of our Arabic and Quranic studies teachers dedicated to teach our students these fundamental aspects of the deen.

Prior to joining MSE in 2014, Miss Mirna worked as a part-time Quran teacher in the afterschool program at Good Tree Academy for 2 years. Prior to that, Miss Mirna worked as a teacher assistant and Quran and Arabic teacher at Al-Furqaan Academy for 2 years. She has also had extensive experience teaching Arabic to young students ages 8 to 12 as a private tutor since 2009.

Miss Mirna also has extensive education in early childhood development as well, with multiple certificates earned in Early Childhood Development and Administration, and has graduated with an Associates Degree in Child Development from Collin County College in 2012.

Miss Mirna has completed the Bayyinah Teachers Training Course the summer of 2016.  As part of her ongoing continuing education, she has completed tajweed training this past year as well.

You may reach Miss Mirna at
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